It is my belief that we are stronger through community. My campaign is about fostering a greater sense of community & connection in Orange County. I believe these two elements are essential to solving the challenges we face today as a nation and a county. We can solve any problem when we can find common ground and realize that what brings us together is far more important than that which divides us. 

As your county commissioner, I hope to foster a greater sense of community & connection by ensuring everyone in Orange County has access to:

Well-funded and safe public education. We need to invest in public education and promote policies that help our school communities become even more enriching and welcoming for our children. If elected, I will be the only commissioner with a child in Orange County Schools -- so I will have a personal stake in ensuring we remain North Carolina's "education county."

Here are three ways I will address maintaining safe and well-funded schools:

- Engaging and collaborating with schools and community members to understand needs and options for short and long term investment.

- Working with BOCC colleagues to identify sustainable support including economic growth to provide additional revenue to support schools.

- Strategic choices on county budget and opportunities for timely prioritization of resources.

A comfortable and affordable home. I've spent over a decade leading and working on issues related to affordable housing because I believe it is one of the most important ways for working- and middle-class families to build wealth. Addressing affordable housing shortage means doing more than just setting aside units for those with low incomes, we must explore innovative solutions such as public-private partnerships at the County and municipal level.

Here are three ways I will address affordability:

- Work to build consensus across all levels of county and municipal government to ensure that we are all working together toward a common goal and shared solutions.

- Engage with community to continuously consider impact of all policies and decisions on affordability.

- Seek economic investment to minimize residential tax burdens in Orange County.

Economic growth opportunities. I want to work to develop a real economic plan for Orange County that includes diverse centers of commerce and opportunity and creates jobs for people of all incomes and skill levels. Too often, economic growth translates only to big opportunities for a select few. We must ensure that as our economy grows, no one is left behind.

Here are three ways I will promote economic development:

- Invest in infrastructure which balances minimal environmental impact and prepares County to attract businesses to locate here. Conduct a systemic analysis to understand and minimize barriers to business operations.

- Leverage consultants and partnerships with other organizations to recruit industries willing to invest in Orange County.

- Collaborate with other community leaders to create and execute strategies to promote economic development.

Public transportation options that truly connect us. A strong public transportation system would improve access to jobs, healthcare, and education for everyone in our County and foster a stronger community by truly connecting us with each other. I will support transportation policies that serve residents in every corner of Orange County, increasing the impact of our tax dollars.